Size Identification

Children Apparel Size Chart 童装尺码与年龄、身高、胸围对照表

Foreign Trade Clothing Measurement 外贸服装的码数

Japan 日单: 80、90、95、100、110、120、130、140、150cm, appropriate to height 表示适合的身高
Europe 欧单: Based on Month (M) or Years (T) 般以月龄表示,如:0-3M、3-6M、6-9M、12M、18M、24、3T、4T

France 法单: 60、68、74、80、86、92、104、112; appropriate to height 表示适合的身高

To avoid any inconvenient, please confirm the size measurement of your kids before placing order.
**P/s: Please allow 1-2cm differ. The below measurement are just for reference as baby height, weight and etc. are vary.

(Please click on the image to have better view.)
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