Friday, October 12, 2012

Gakken Workbooks

PRICE: RM40.00/Book

Weight:1KG+ ** Due to the heavy weight, this item is not included for free shipping promotion.**
Reading level: Ages 2 and up
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 8.4 x 1.1 inches
Book Description:
The first day of school is one of the most important days in every child's life. But it can also be scary—for both parent and child!—if you're unprepared. That's why it's key to get your kids ready for the classroom with Let's Create! The wipe-clean activity board and reward stickers in this fun, hands-on workbook will help kids develop the creativity and critical thinking skills that are crucial for the classroom. The exciting, brightly-colored pages cover three important developmental areas that will help children build the fundamental skill sets needed for success in school:

Counting from 1 to 5: Introduces children to grouping, comparatives, discrimination, recognizing numerals, associating numerals with quantities, and writing numerals
Cutting and Pasting: Covers matching, creative thinking, and developing fine motor skills
Drawing and Coloring: Builds pencil control and introduces beginning handwriting in a school context

As children complete the activities in Let's Create!, first with the help of a parent and then on their own, kids will gain the confidence they'll need in school, and develop a sense of curiosity that will serve them well for many years to come.

Gakken Workbooks Let's Create 2-4 
Item Code:TYGK01
274 Stickers + Wipe-Clean Board!!!
All Color Pages-192 Pages!!!

Gakken Workbooks Let's Ready 3-5  
Item Code:TYGK02
320 Stickers + Wipe-Clean Board!!!

All Color Pages-192 Pages!!!

Gakken Workbooks Let's Learn 4-6  
Item Code:TYGK03
351 Stickers + Wipe-Clean Board!!!

All Color Pages-192 Pages!!!


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