Thursday, May 10, 2012

[親子互動]。识字卡 。FLASH CARD (PART V)

Black & White Card 亲子黑白卡
PRICE: RM60.00

卡尺寸 : 31.4 cm x 23.3 cm 
Age : 0 - 6 months




开始阶段,可以每天让宝宝看一张黑白卡,可任选一张。一天可以看6 - 10次,一次约为30秒。


Did you know that :
newborns prefer to look at black and white, rather than the bright colors and pastels?
Research has shown this to be true.
So what's so spectacular about contrast?
It has to do with the development of your newborn's eyes.
Your baby's eyes have not matured enough for him to perceive the values of the different colors.
So black and white flashcards are the easiest to perceive and his interest continues until he is six to nine months old.
Studies show that infants not only prefer to look at high contrast graphics, but that such images like black and white graphics can
1:help increase concentration skills
2:stimulate the creation of synapses (brain cell connections)
3:increase an infant's attention span
4:calm a baby (when she is bored)
5:enhance curiosity

According to research, new born baby can only see light and shadow. This is the time when they are most attracted to strong contrast of black and white colours.

The function of Black & White card, is to help baby differentiate light-shadow and black-white, creating colour memory in the brain, speeding up the growth of the vision system and causing the balanced growth of the left and right brains.

Principles in using Black & White card: ensure that the baby is in a happy mood when using, minimize other distractions, stop before the baby is bored about it so to maintain the attractiness of the Black & White card to the baby

Content of Dajiadiy Black & White card:
There are 60 cards, printed on both sides, all together 120 pictured cards.

Of which 60 cards are in white backgrounds with black pictures, for baby to see black pictures in white backgrounds. Another 60 cards are in black backgrounds with white pictures, for baby to see white pictures in black backgrounds, giving baby a different visual experience.

Usage instructions:In the beginning stage, choose one Black & White card randomly, let the baby looks at it. Do so for up to 6-10 times a day, each time for about 30 seconds. Place the card at a distance of about one and a half foot away from the baby.

ample lighting, lighting should fall on the card, never allow lighting to shoot on the baby's eyes.
When showing the card, tell the picture on the card to the baby with a gentle, clear, loud voice, for example: [horse], [black horse], [white horse].
After a month, increase to 2 cards a day, change to 2 other new cards the next day.
Another month later, can show 3 or more cards a day. Used cards can be reused to strengthen the baby's memory.

By just simply showing the cards, gently telling what are the pictures to the baby, then praise the baby, the baby will feel the love of the parents. Once recognised, they feel the security, this will affect greatly to the growth of a baby.

The Black & White card can be reused forever, there is no expiry date. For older babies, one can use the Black & White card to carry out memory games.
For example, letting the baby guess what is the picture behind a card.

Of course, after the completion of Black & White card “training”, the infant should move to the next stage of learning: Word Recognition Flashcards.

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