Thursday, May 31, 2012

☆☆☆ Minnie Fullmoon Gift Cake ☆☆☆

PRICE : RM200.00  - SOLD OUT!
  • 8 pieces of Huggies Diapers - Size M
  • 1 Set DISNEY Minnie Romper Set (Romper + Hat) - Size 18M
  • 1 piece Doomagic Minnie Romper - XL
  • 4 pieces Danrol Baby Long Sleeve Bodysuits - Size 12M
  • 1 piece Nissen Stylish Jeans Pant (Pink) - Size 12M
  • 1 set Carter's Moo 2pcs Set (Top + PP Pant) - 24M
  • 1 pair Baby Animal Bootie - Pink Kitty
  • 4 pairs Japanese Nissen Princess Socks
  • 1 piece Princess Furry Mirror
**Ingredients selected by Bebe.Chic.Closet.
**Order at least 1 week earlier.
**Premium Ribbons and Embellishments

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Carter's & Jumping Beans Romper

Specification 尺寸: 6M / 9M / 12M / 18M / 24M (refer to Size Chart)

Carter's Monkey Girl Romper

Carter's Colorful Animal's World Romper

Jumping Beans Giraffe Romper

Carter's Baseball 01 Romper

Carter's Baseball 08 Romper

Jumping Beans Rock Guitar Romper

Thursday, May 10, 2012

[親子互動]。识字卡 。FLASH CARD (PART V)

Black & White Card 亲子黑白卡
PRICE: RM60.00

卡尺寸 : 31.4 cm x 23.3 cm 
Age : 0 - 6 months




开始阶段,可以每天让宝宝看一张黑白卡,可任选一张。一天可以看6 - 10次,一次约为30秒。


Did you know that :
newborns prefer to look at black and white, rather than the bright colors and pastels?
Research has shown this to be true.
So what's so spectacular about contrast?
It has to do with the development of your newborn's eyes.
Your baby's eyes have not matured enough for him to perceive the values of the different colors.
So black and white flashcards are the easiest to perceive and his interest continues until he is six to nine months old.
Studies show that infants not only prefer to look at high contrast graphics, but that such images like black and white graphics can
1:help increase concentration skills
2:stimulate the creation of synapses (brain cell connections)
3:increase an infant's attention span
4:calm a baby (when she is bored)
5:enhance curiosity

According to research, new born baby can only see light and shadow. This is the time when they are most attracted to strong contrast of black and white colours.

The function of Black & White card, is to help baby differentiate light-shadow and black-white, creating colour memory in the brain, speeding up the growth of the vision system and causing the balanced growth of the left and right brains.

Principles in using Black & White card: ensure that the baby is in a happy mood when using, minimize other distractions, stop before the baby is bored about it so to maintain the attractiness of the Black & White card to the baby

Content of Dajiadiy Black & White card:
There are 60 cards, printed on both sides, all together 120 pictured cards.

Of which 60 cards are in white backgrounds with black pictures, for baby to see black pictures in white backgrounds. Another 60 cards are in black backgrounds with white pictures, for baby to see white pictures in black backgrounds, giving baby a different visual experience.

Usage instructions:In the beginning stage, choose one Black & White card randomly, let the baby looks at it. Do so for up to 6-10 times a day, each time for about 30 seconds. Place the card at a distance of about one and a half foot away from the baby.

ample lighting, lighting should fall on the card, never allow lighting to shoot on the baby's eyes.
When showing the card, tell the picture on the card to the baby with a gentle, clear, loud voice, for example: [horse], [black horse], [white horse].
After a month, increase to 2 cards a day, change to 2 other new cards the next day.
Another month later, can show 3 or more cards a day. Used cards can be reused to strengthen the baby's memory.

By just simply showing the cards, gently telling what are the pictures to the baby, then praise the baby, the baby will feel the love of the parents. Once recognised, they feel the security, this will affect greatly to the growth of a baby.

The Black & White card can be reused forever, there is no expiry date. For older babies, one can use the Black & White card to carry out memory games.
For example, letting the baby guess what is the picture behind a card.

Of course, after the completion of Black & White card “training”, the infant should move to the next stage of learning: Word Recognition Flashcards.

[親子互動]。识字卡 。FLASH CARD (PART IV)

Literacy Picture Card 亲子识字图卡
PRICE: RM70.00

SIZE:5cm x 4.4 cm /card

图卡有600 张, 相同图片的黏纸( Sticker ) 也有600 张. 总共有1200 张.

用以配合 M1, M2, M3, E1, E2, BM1 识字卡,进行识字游戏活动.
2-6岁的幼儿,可以在爸爸妈妈的陪同下,学中玩,玩中学, 促进了亲子关系, 也增添了学习乐趣。 孩子会有个美好快乐又充实的童年!

SIZE:5cm x 4.4 cm/card

There are 600 Picture cards, and there are also 600 stickers of identical pictures.

Tri-Language Word Recognition Flashcards. Picture cards can couple with M1, M2, M3, E1, E2 and BM1 flash card..

Word Recognition Flashcards to run Word Recognition game activities.
It also allows children to recognise words in a more interesting way, training the memory and observation ability ect. The purpose is to ‘learn from playing’. Of course, the most effective way for children to recognise words is to use the Big Word Flashcards.

For children of 2-6 year old, they can play together with their parents, learning and playing at the same time; this can improve the parents-child relationship, and make learning more interesting. Children will have a happy and fruitful childhood.

If combined both the Word Flashcards and the Picture cards, more fun will be added, this will help to enhance their understanding of the words.

1: Word Recognition
Parents will take out a Word Flashcard, for example ‘cow’, read out the word clearly, then ask the child to find out the ‘cow’ Picture card among the cards. If the child gets the right one, reward him/her with the Picture card. If the child chooses the wrong one, please do not blame him/her, just help him/her to find out the correct Picture Flashcard. If there are other children at home, can get them to compete with one another, this will make learning more fun.

2) Picture and word matching
Separate 5 each of the Word Flashcards and Picture cards, put the Picture cards in a sack or box, let the child draw a Picture card from it, then put the drawn Picture card beside the corresponding Word Flashcard.

3) Picture cards Fishing
Put on a paper clip on each of the Picture card, use a toy magnetic fishing rod to ‘fish’ the Picture cards. Parents will show a Word Flashcard, read out the word clearly, and then the child will ‘fish’ for the right Picture card form among the flashcards. This method trains both the hand and brain, and also coordination, improving the sensory integration..

4)Instant Memory
Put a few Picture cards and Word Flashcards on the table, give the child a few seconds to remember the positions of the flashcards, and then mess up the flashcards, let the child put the flashcards back to the original positions using his/her memory.

5) Who are missing?
Put a few Picture cards on the floor, let the child look at them for a few seconds, close his/her eyes after that. Parents will then remove 1 or 2 Picture cards, ask the child to open his/her eyes to find out who are missing (which cards are missing)? We can gradually increase the missing cards to train the memory of the child.

6.) Sentence making with Picture Flashcards and Word Flashcards
Parents will first demonstrate, making sentence with Picture cards and Word Flashcards, tell a story from there. Then let the child participate.. This will develop the child’s imaginary space, creativity and associative ability.

7.) Acting
If teaching words like ‘ jump ’,‘ cry ’… we can use exaggerated actions and expressions to explain the words, this will improve the child’s impression of the words learnt. We can even let them do the acting, for example children like to act as a teacher, we can then let them sit beside the ‘teacher’

More learning games can be created actually…
Learning games allow better development of children’s multiple intelligences. Because these Word Flashcards and Picture cards can be maneuvered and arranged randomly, this is different from the fixed pictures and words in a book.

Important things to note:
1. More rewards and praises, to achieve a win-win situation.
2. Do not punish and blame, if not it will cause a lose-lose situation.
3. Be consistent, do not work by fits and starts
Both the parents and child should enjoy the learning process, just like learning itself, is filled with joy.
*Do not put the Picture sticker at the same side of the Word Flash card, it has to be sticked at the back of it. If the Picture card and the Word Flashcard appear at the same side, children’s attention will be drawn to the picture, hence defeat the word learning purpose.

[親子互動]。识字卡 。FLASH CARD (PART III)

English Flash Card  语第一段 (E1) 
PRICE: RM70.00
Card Features:

Total 122 cards
Card size : 31.3 cm x 11.5 cm
Card Contents:

The People : gardener / police / postman / doctor / nurse / farmer / barber
My family member : father / mother / brother / sister / baby / grandfather / grandmother / uncle / aunty / family
The animals : dog / cat / chicken / duck / bird / fish / cow / tiger / horse / elephant / snake / lion / mouse / monkey / rabbit / frog
Descriptions : big / tall / small / short / fat / thin
The actions : drink / eat / take / stand / sit /walk / open / close / write / read put / pick / come / go / sing / talk / jump / laugh / cry / swim / run
Colour : white / black / yellow / red / green / blue
Things in the classroom : chair / table / bag / ruler / pencil / book / eraser / pen / door / window / dustbin / rubbish / teacher / boy / girl / school / canteen
Parts of the body : mouth / ear / head / nose / hand / leg / neck / hair / foot / arm stomach / finger / toes / body / teeth / eye
Things in the house : radio / television / spoon / plate / cup / bowl toilet / bed / towel / knife
Food & drinks : orange / banana / papaya / rice / bread / noodles / biscuits / water / apple / tea / coffee / meat

English Flash Card  语第段 (E2) 
PRICE: RM70.00
Card Features:

Total 128 cards
Card size : 31.3 cm x 11.5 cm
Card Contents:

Daily necessities : fork / soap / toothbrush / chopsticks / mirror/ clock / pillow / cupboard / key / fan / lamp / umbrella
Places : market / supermarket / bank / office / car park / hospital / clinic / hotel zoo / living room / dining room / bedroom / bathroom / kitchen
Action : fly / climb / clap / cut /sleep / comb/ push/ pull / play / swim cook / wash
Adjectives : new / old / pretty / ugly / happy / sad / fast / slow / left / right / on / under / in / out / behind / beside / near / far
Numbers : one/ two / three/ four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten
Days of the week : Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday
Months of the year : January / February / March / April / May / June / July / August / September / October / November / December
Nature : ocean /land / sky / outer /space / lake / river / sea / forest / hill / mountain
Shapes : circle / oval / triangle / square / crescent / star // diamond / rectangle
Food and drinks : cake / chocolate / watermelon / sweets / vegetable / milk mangosteen / butter
Clothing and accessories : hat / shirt / skirt/ socks / shoes / cap
People : headmaster / teacher / pupil / hawker / dentist / clerk / manager / soldier / driver / lawyer / daddy / mummy

English Flash Card  语第段 (E3) 
PRICE: RM80.00

Card Features:

Total 80 cards
Card size : 39.37 cm x 17.78 cm
Card Contents:

I have a teacher / as busy as a bee / I love daddy / what do you want? / clap your hands / I want to learn/
newspaper advertisements / Happy New Year / young green leaves / may I rest ? / the baby is cute /
milk tastes sweet / carry your school bag / good afternoon / water is precious / go to kindergarten /
I like to play with my toys / rain or shine /don’t touch the kettle / watch out for cars / what’s your name ?/
raining cats and dog / mummy is at work /play at the playground / I like that kite / sea water is cool /
drink your milk / the sofa is solf / please keep quiet /listen to the music / the elephant has a long trunk /
I like to swim / water the plants / I enjoy learning / pick up the toys / what is the time now ? /
comb your hair. / feed the fishs / you are clever /brush your teeth / I drive a car. / the egg is oval. /
this box is square / Reading the story books. / do not disturb ! / wash my face. / draw an apple /
wear my shirt / mummy and daddy / love your teacher / cup and saucer / out of the blue /
as slow as a snail / playing is fun / how old are you / open the door /I love mummy /mirrors reflect light /
slow and steady / an ice-cream cone / love one another / not to worry /ride a bicycle / I am hammering /
we read story books. / daddy plants trees. / kick the ball ./ I am helpful ./ everybody loves me /
mummy cooks vegetables. / How tall are you ? / row the boat /draw pictures. /shut the door. /
Food helps you grow ./ see you again ! / I love my room. / I feel fine ./ pretty clothes ./ how are you today?

Peter & Jane Flash Card

PRICE: RM80.00

Card Features:

Total 180 cards
Card size : 23.4 cm x 10.5 cm
Card Contents:

A / a / about / after / afternoon / again / all / an / and / apple / are / as / ask /at /away/ B / bag / ball / be / bed / big / boat / boy / boys / brother / bus / but / by / C / cake / cakes / can / car / cat / chair / chairs / children / come / comes / cows / D / daddy / danger / do / dog / down draw / E /eat / F / farm / fire / fish / five / flowers / for / from / fun / G / game / games / get / girls / give / go / going / good / H / had / has / hat / have / he / help / helps / her / here / him / hill / his / home / horse / house / how / I / I / in / into / is / it / J / Jane / jump / K / keep / know / L / let / like / likes / little / look / M / make / man / me / men / milk / money / more / Mummy / must / my / N / no / not / now / O / of / off / on / one / or / other / our / out / P / pat / Peter / pigs / play / please / police / pull / puts / R / rabbits / read / red / run / S /said / saw / says / school / sea / seat/ see / sees / she / shop / sister / sit / so / some / soon / station / stop / street / sun / sweets / T / takes/ talk / tea / thank / that / the / them / then / there / they / things / this / to / top / toy / toys / train / tree / two / U /up / us / W / walk / want / was / water / we / what/ where / which / who / will / wind / with / work / write / Y /yes / you 

English Flash Card-EVFC 英语词汇 (E5) 
PRICE: RM70.00
Card Features:

Total 120 cards
Card size : 31.3 cm x 11.5 cm
Card Contents:

grey elephant / wishing well / funny nose / blow bubbles / hard rock / sore throat /long buses / to and fro / discounted items / biting insects / Red centipedes / spider web / hairy arachnids / green leaves / short pencil / come again / machine made / sea shells / pleasing child / good joke /coconut palm / angsana tree / yellow banana / tall trees / thin bamboo / love grass / waste money /save water / clean room / lovely place / loving mother / speaking doll / story books / leather handbag / twenty cents / take away / cough drops / sharp knife / my instep / painful boll / round belly / hind legs / winter coats / spring water / tiny bables / super reader / breakneck speed / blue whale / reading aloud creative mind / coffee cup / angry man / chilli red / chilli sauce / green pepper / tasty meal / hot spring /cold water / untidy room /burning fire / fighting fish / colour print /come here / black sheep / new cap / clean face / colourful wallpaper / Start button / hold on / wait here / sharp point / your teacher / next week / great man / tennis elbow / plus two / broken glass / golf course / low tide / top secret / removal sale / smelly shoes / taste buds / went up / my daddy / your mummy / new year / well wishers / come true / sleepy eyes / close shave /relaxing time / breathe in / smart move / quick steps / early birds / watch out / looking glass / loud mouth / helpful hands / golden hair / barking dogs / sweet home /cosy coner / machine parts / long neck / calm seas / harbour seal /sailing boat / ten o’clock / news programme / queen bee / three cheers / hurry up / bath water / pardon me / sliding door / round basketball / mild stomachache / sore thumb

BM Flash Card 语第一段 (BM1) 
PRICE: RM70.00
Card Features:

Total : 120 cards
Card size : 31.3 cm x 11.5 cm

Card Contents:

Keluarga saya : bapa /emak / abang / kakak / adik / datuk / nenek /lelaki/ Perempuan
Pekerjaan : polis / posmen / tentera /doctor / jururawat / guru / petani /murid
Warna : putih / hitam / kuning / merah / hijau / biru / ungu/
Buah -buahan : epal / oren / pisang / betik / rambutan / durian / nanas /
Makanan dan minuman : nasi / roti / daging / telur / sayur /air /
Binatang : kucing / anjing / ayam / itik / burung / ikan / lembu / kambing / kuda / arnab /angsa / harimau / singa / gajah / ular / monyet / beruang /
Pengangkutan : van / kereta / basikal / teksi / motosikal / lori / bas /
Sekolah : meja / kerusi / beg / pembaris / pensel / buku / pintu / tingkap / sekolah / kantin /
Badan saya : mata / hidung / mulut / telinga / kepala / tangan / kaki / dahi / gigi / jari / dada / bahu / lutut / pipi / siku / rambut /
Perkakas di dalam rumah : cerek / kipas / gelas / cawan / berus / almari / lampu / tandas / pisau / radio / televisyen / sabun / tuala .
Perbuatan : minum / makan / berdiri / duduk / jalan /lari / buka / tutup / tulis / baca / angkat / letak / datang / pergi / nyanyi/ cakap / lompat / ketawa / menangis / berenang.

BM Suku Kata Flash Card (SKBM) 
PRICE: RM98.00

Card Features:

Total : 338 cards
card size : 15.3 cm x 11.5 cm
Card Contents:

Suku Kata Terbuka - a ba ca da fa...etc
Suku Kata Tertutup - ban jan pan...etc

[親子互動]。识字卡 。FLASH CARD (PART II)

Flash Card 华语第一段 (M1) 
PRICE: RM50.00


60张大型字卡 + 1片教学DVD
字卡尺寸:31.4 cm x 23.3 cm

家庭成员 : 爸爸,妈妈,公公,婆婆, 姐姐,妹妹,哥哥,弟弟
身体部分 : 头,鼻子,耳朵,脚,手,脸,眼睛,嘴巴,牙齿
动物 : 鸡,猫,鸟,鸭,狗,牛,马,羊,象
形容词 : 大,小,胖,瘦,高,矮,快
动词 : 爬,跑,哭,吃饭,走,跳,笑,睡觉,喝水
大自然 : 太阳,星星,月亮,海,山,河,花,树,草
家居用品 : 门,窗,风扇,球,玩具,桌子,椅子,电视,衣服

Flash Card 华语第段 (M2) 
PRICE: RM70.00

120 张字卡
字卡尺寸 : 23.3 cm x 15.7 cm

动作 : 唱歌,跳舞,拍球,洗澡,刷牙,找,坐,站,开,关,喊,听,喜欢,游戏,扫地,帮忙,起身,说话,拍手,踢,爱,再见,数一数,猜一猜,看一看,一同走,哈哈笑

校园里 : 黑板,学校,校长,老师,同学,学生,上学去,画画,读书,书包,尺,铅笔,儿童,黑板,教室,排队,剪刀,纸

形容词 : 开心,可爱,清洁,和气,好,多,少,开心,甜,新,旧,左,右,上,下,干净,美丽,强壮,快乐,生病,好,高兴

蔬果类 : 青菜,香蕉,红毛丹,木瓜,西瓜,水果
颜色 : 红,黄,蓝,橙,白,黑

造句用词 : 这是,那是,和,你,我,他,我们,也,有,来,去,不,会,是

量词 : 一朵花,一场雨,一件衣,一个橙,一本书,一只熊
动物 : 老虎,狮子,兔,蜜蜂,蝴蝶

词汇 : 身体,圆形,汽车,正方形,火车,蛋糕,木板,肉,米,公园,运动,蚂蚁,蟑螂,跑步,鞋子,布,早上,晚上

Flash Card 华语第段 (M3)
PRICE: RM70.00

120 张字卡,更多词汇,并开始进入句子阶段

a) 其中60 张卡 (字卡尺寸:23.3 cm x 15.7 cm)


b) 另外60 张卡 (字卡尺寸:31.3 cm x 11.5 cm)

唐诗 : 床前明月光,疑是地上霜,举头望明月,低头思故乡
句子 : 红红的太阳,蓝蓝的天空,绿油油的草地,也属长得高,一片树叶,一块木板,一棵小树,一朵红花,待人要有礼貌,外公到河边钓鱼,外婆喜欢吃水果,我的玩具,跷跷板,真好玩,我们天天冲凉,他喜欢画画,我爱我的家,鱼在水中游,蝴蝶真美丽,弟弟真可爱,青色的铅笔,红色的书包,牛羊在吃草,小鸟会飞,他有一双鞋子,早睡早起身体好,外公在菜园里种菜,猴子喜欢吃香蕉,狮子喜欢吃肉,爸爸在洗车,我爱妈妈,我也爱爸爸,公园里,花儿开,小黄狗会看门,助人为快乐之本,我很快乐,我很聪明,妹妹的牛奶,弟弟喜欢吃面包,小鸟飞得高,马儿跑得快,姐姐在写字,哥哥的鞋子,我们的小狗,婆婆在喝水,小猫喜欢吃鱼,猴子爱爬树,公公在看报纸,我爱读书,我自己穿衣,用餐前,先洗手 我们在玩游戏, 请你把门关上,大象的鼻子长,圆圆的月亮

Flash Card 华语第段 (M4)
PRICE: RM80.00

两面印刷,一面成语 ,一面解释意思。
120 张成语字卡
字卡尺寸:31.3 cm x 11.5 cm

夜不闭户 随机应变 迷途知返 骑虎难下 破镜重圆 以身作则
兵不厌诈 一代楷模 模棱两可 失而复得 目不识丁 抛砖引玉
齐心协力 乘虚而入 金蝉脱壳 一笔勾销 顺水推舟 兔死狐悲
息事宁人 八面威风 苦口婆心 恻隐之心 一日千里 一箭双雕
一毛不拔 一鸣惊人 一窍不通 一身是胆 一丝不苟 一字千金
一字之师 一鼓作气 入木三分 九牛一毛 千钧一发 大公无私
大材小用 亡羊补牢 专心致志 井底之蛙 车水马龙 开天辟地
开卷有益 天真烂漫 不耻下问 不学无术 不翼而飞 不远千里
手不释卷 水滴穿石 水落石出 水深火热 相敬如宾 打草惊蛇
东山再起 叶公好龙 四面楚歌 乐极生悲 对牛弹琴 老马识途
百发百中 赴汤蹈火 名落孙山 后来居上 杀一儆百 自相矛盾
汗马功劳 江郎才尽 守株待兔 精忠报国 如鱼得水 约法三章
亦步亦趋 邯郸学步 两败俱伤 赤膊上阵 走马看花 投笔从戎
呆若木鸡 改过自新 囫囵吞枣 近水楼台 返老还童 兵贵神速
完璧归赵 玩物丧志 画龙点睛 画饼充饥 画蛇添足 拔苗助长
丧家之犬 狐假虎威 歧路亡羊 取长补短 卧薪尝胆 盲人摸象
刻舟求剑 空中楼阁 指鹿为马 闻鸡起舞 怒发冲冠 班门弄斧
破釜沉舟 笑里藏刀 信口开河 愚公移山 胸有成竹 高山流水
纸上谈兵 趾高气扬 掩耳盗铃 悬梁刺股 程门立雪 逼上梁山
朝三幕四 凿壁偷光 滥芋充数 熟能生巧 磨杵成针 柳暗花明

Flash Card 华语第段 (M5)
PRICE: RM98.00

由 60 篇文章,713 张单子卡组成


大家阅读卡 1 - 排排坐
排排坐 吃果果, 你一个, 我一个, 妹妹睡了, 留一个。

大家阅读卡 2 - 外婆桥
摇呀摇,摇到外婆桥, 外婆夸我好宝宝。 问我爸爸好不好? 问我妈妈好不好? 摇呀摇,摇到外婆桥, 外婆叫我夸我好宝宝, 送我糖一包,果一包, 还有山竹和香蕉。

大家阅读卡 3 - 小白兔
小白兔,白又白, 两只耳朵竖起来。 小白兔,白又白, 爱吃萝卜爱吃菜。 小白兔,白又白, 跑起路来真叫快。

大家阅读卡 4 - 人人见了都欢喜
不梳头, 不洗脸, 没有人会看上眼。 梳一梳, 洗一洗, 人人见了都欢喜。

大家阅读卡 5 - 咏鹅
鹅鹅鹅, 曲项向天歌。 白毛浮绿水, 红掌拨清波。
大家阅读卡 58 - 孔融让梨孔融有五个哥哥,一个弟弟。

大家阅读卡 59 - 动物走路袋鼠走路蹦蹦跳,狐狸走路弓着腰。

大家阅读卡 60 - 聪明的阿凡提皇帝听说阿凡提是个聪明绝顶的人,就有意为难他。有一天,皇帝坐在轿子里对阿凡提说:“现在我坐在轿子里,你有什么办法,把我骗到外面去?”

加上713 张单字卡,内容:
(一) 排 坐 吃 果 你 一 个 我 妹 睡 了 留 (12)
(二) 摇 呀 到 外 婆 桥 夸 好 宝 糖 包 香 蕉 (13)
(三) 跑 起 路 真 叫 快 小 白 兔 又 两 只 耳 朵 竖 来 爱 卜 菜 (19)
(四) 人 见 都 欢 喜 梳 头 洗 脸 没 有 看 上 眼 会 (15)
(五) 咏 鹅 曲 项 向 天 歌 毛 浮 绿 水 红 掌 拨 青 波 (16)
(六) 哈 巴 狗 蹲 在 大 门 口 黑 黝 想 完 肉 骨 尾 点 (16)
(七) 蝴 蝶 飞 追 远 啦 不 过 竹 篱 笆 变 成 花 (14)
(八) 二 三 四 五 指 老 虎 打 松 鼠 几 数 (12)
(九) 找 朋 友 敬 礼 握 手 是 (8)
(十) 灯 台 偷 油 来 抱 猫 (7)
(十一) 儿 摘 公 园 里 开 的 家 (8)
(十二) 倒 翁 说 胡 子 把 样 像 孩 推 下 站 (12)
(十三) 蚕 稀 奇 时 蚂 蚁 穿 衣 吐 出 丝 长 细 结 美 丽 (16)
(十四) 黄 鹂 鸣 翠 柳 行 鹭 青 窗 含 西 岭 千 秋 雪 泊 东 吴 万 船 (20)
(十五) 得 怪 (2)
(十六) 海 龟 妈 沙 滩 扒 生 蛋 盖 太 阳 晒 孵 娃 爬 进 去 (17)
(十七) 早 发 帝 城 朝 辞 彩 云 间 江 陵 日 还 岸 猿 声 啼 住 轻 舟 已 重 山 (23)
(十八) 蝌 蚪 游 哪 蛙 (5)
(十九) 做 操 鸡 喔 队 伸 弯 腰 身 体 (10)
(二十) 明 节 雨 纷 欲 断 魂 借 问 酒 何 处 牧 童 遥 杏 村 (17)
(二十一) 莹 火 虫 肚 中 蜡 烛 夜 笼 请 书 房 照 翻 用 功 (16)
(二十二) 蒲 英 威 风 似 群 跳 伞 兵 随 飘 自 由 跟 旅 (15)
(二十三)马 它 (2)
(二十四) 银 线 纺 纱 条 草 舞 笑 乐 鼓 敲 (11)
(二十五) 呱 皮 嘴 捉 害 能 护 (7)
(二十六) 春 眠 觉 晓 闻 鸟 落 知 (8)
(二十七) 绿 走 拉 慢 停 步 (6)
(二十八) 擦 地 扳 帮 脏 累 怕 抹 灰 尘 泥 拖 面 光 滑 整 洁 卫 环 境 旁 (21)
(二十九) 聪 现 想 搬 回 可 圆 溜 抬 怎 么 办 呢 法 躺 紧 运 (17)
(三十) 双 左 右 共 十 漱 事 情 (8)
(三十一) 腿 鸭 狮 象 蜻 蜓 六 蜘 蛛 螃 蟹 八 蚯 蚓 蜗 牛 蜈 蚣 (18)
(三十二) 布 晴 张 着 干 净 听 话 (8)
(三十三) 和 短 什 鼻 颈 鹿 叔 脖 孔 雀 阿 姨 雨 鸵 婆 翅 膀 姐 弟 (19)
(三十四) 螺 今 等 涨 潮 浪 再 接 (8)
(三十五) 牢 记 心 掏 揉 牙 齿 剔 抠 饭 前 后 习 惯 (14)
(三十六) 彩 虹 蓝 橙 紫 颜 色 七 道 谁 造 (11)
(三十七) 鹬 蚌 争 从 洞 翔 壳 非 常 高 兴 嘿 餐 冲 啄 肉 急 忙 合 夹 放 就 这 咬 互 肯 渔 毫 费 力 抓 (31)
(三十八) 莲 蓬 动 摆 景 塘 吹 香 (8)
(三十九) 狼 灰 咦 近 钻 定 迟 会 饿 晃 原 进 蹦 玩 (14)
(四十) 画 蛇 添 足 古 楚 国 祭 奠 完 祖 先 将 剩 壶 酒 赏 给 们 提 同 意 比 赛 始 喝 认 拿 别 脚 正 准 备 却 被 抢 喊 那 所 以 归 (41)
(四十一) 滴 嗒 他 讲 丫 芽 露 歪 脑 瓜 (10)
(四十二)月 亮 也 难 分 送 屋 床 (8)
(四十三) 盈 辣 椒 种 爸 (5)
(四十四) 弯 眉 (2)
(四十五) 孤 单 发 愁 活 (5)
(四十六) 寄 北 君 期 未 池 剪 (7)
(四十七) 守 株 待 野 撞 昏 棵 树 拾 劳 此 每 吗 (13)
(四十八)枫 乌 霜 满 对 姑 苏 寒 寺 钟 客 (11)
(四十九)呵 车 铃 叮 当 (5)
(五十) 猴 农 民 坏 (4)
(五十一) 离 乡 改 鬓 衰 识 (6)
(五十二) 叼 块 低 肥 于 汪 扑 河 果 连 (10)
(五十三) 轿 鞭 炮 号 呜 哩 哇 热 闹 贺 全 掉 (12)
(五十四) 挑 食 佳 壮 很 逗 碗 烧 刺 盘 鲜 胖 瘦 (13)
(五十五) 甜 挂 亲 巧 克 摸 颊 (7)
(五十六)刻 舟 求 剑 乘 划 然 并 惊 慌 刚 方 言 靠 通 吗 (16)
(五十七) 袍 戴 帽 吓 饱 (5)
(五十八) 融 梨 最 答 年 纪 应 该 (8)
(五十九) 物 袋 狐 狸 弓 企 猥 懒 往 叽 咕 噜 滚 (13)
(六十) 皇 绝 顶 骗 信 拍 经 (7)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[親子互動]。识字卡 。FLASH CARD (PART I)



或許父母們會懷疑:我的孩子這麼小會閱讀嗎?根據美國費城人類潛能開發中心格連杜曼 ( Glenn Doman )博士的研究發現,經由閃示的快速閱讀方式,幼兒的閱讀學習成效驚人。格連杜曼博士更在“How To Teach your baby To Read”一書中指出,五歲以下的孩童學習閱讀易如反掌,因為幼兒具有許多學習上的優勢:

1. 五歲以下的孩童可以吸收大量的資訊,年齡越小,越容易也越有效。
3. 五歲以前所吸收的資訊越多,記憶也越多。
5. 他們學習力強
6. 五歲以下的幼兒,對閱讀有強烈的學習慾望。
7. 他們有能力學習更多種語言,並學習得很完整。

阅读是大脑最重要的功能之一 ,地球上的生物只有人类能够阅读 。
阅读也攸关人们的生活 ,因为所有的学习都取决予阅读的能力 。
经过多年的研究发现 ,年龄愈小的孩子 ,学习阅读愈轻松 ,成效也愈好 。
满周岁的宝宝就能阅读文字 ,两岁时看得懂句子 ,三岁时就会看书 ,而且他们乐在其中。

幼儿教育百鸟争鸣,五花八门,令身为父母的我们,不知作何选择? 今天,经过多年的印证,大家成功幼教DIY课程 所推广的 親子识字卡 , 终于揭开幼教成功的大门。 親子识字卡采用优质大纸卡,配合红色大字。 成为天才的关键就是: 

(一)趁早教 孩子在0-6岁,是学习认字能力超强的黄金期 。错过了这段黄金早期 育,等年龄大了才开始学习基本认字法,便会事倍功半。美国著名教育专家格连.杜曼,以及日本七田真博士都能证实这一点. 
(二)使用适当的教材 用大型卡片,配合红色大字,能让幼儿轻易将所看,所听的字,深深的烙印在右脑中,一举开发右脑潜能。而大家成功幼教神奇DIY识字卡,正符合这一方面的条件。 
(三)最好的老师……父母! 父母是幼儿第一个老师,是最早,也是最好的。 成功幼教提倡的是用爱心,耐心以及关心来教导孩子。 

教学方法必须公开,教材价格必须合理。为了达到大家都能成功教育孩子,我们除了在全国各婴儿专卖店摆售产品,代理在展销会上介绍;更实行“家长告诉家长” 的方法,由广大的家长们介绍给亲友。大家齐心推广,使我们国家的未来,达到0%文盲,个个都是人才的和谐社会。 




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Top Baby Flower Shoes

Color Available:1,5,6,7,9,10
Color Available:1,5,6,7,9,10

Top Baby Headband

Color Available:1,3,4,5,7,9
Color Available:1,3,4,5,7,9

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